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Fic: Made to Measure 3/4 - Engineered (Part Two) Continued

For a moment Mal leans against him in what seems to be relief, and Jayne suddenly realises that until then, his lover had not been entirely sure of his reaction to this new situation. Despite his engineering of Simon into their bed, Mal was not sure and that makes Jayne more comfortable.

"Thank you," Mal says softly, as though it is Jayne who has given him the gift, although in a way, Jayne supposes he has.

Although he hasn't moved, Simon is smiling slightly. Even though it seems he wants this as much as Mal does, Jayne needs to be certain.

"Mal, does he really…?"

"Don't worry," his lover interrupts, silencing him with a brief kiss. "Me and the doctor here had us a long talk one night about what he needs and what we can give him. For a while, every now and then, he wants to be our toy and from the way you've been looking at him, I didn't figure you'd mind all that much. But whatever we do here, Jayne, it don't come between us. Not ever. Dong ma?"

Reassured, Jayne is impressed by his lover's perception. It don't come between us. Nothing ever will. He knows that now.

Jayne nods and smiles slowly. "Never had me a toy before."

Then his lover gives him that sharp, almost intense smile that can sometimes make him look crazy, although Jayne knows that is only partway true.

"Let's play with him then, shall we."

Simon still has not moved and Jayne marvels at his stillness. He is sure that were their situation reversed, he would be restless and fidgeting. But then Simon is a remarkable man, he knows that now. The doctor is the gentlest man Jayne has ever known and because of that it is easy to forget how his kindness covers a whole lot of courage. Jayne has never forgotten how the doctor took arms to help rescue Mal from Niska. He has proved himself a part of them in a hundred different ways since he joined them and Jayne still feels a twinge of regret for the way he treated the younger man at first.

He does not allow himself to dwell too much on his betrayal at Arial these days. He paid for that act of stupidity every time he looked in Mal's eyes for a long time after. At the very least, the fact that Simon needs something from him now gives him a chance to put some things right.

Pulling away, Mal goes to Simon and leans down, lifting his chin. "Look at me, Simon."

The younger man obeys immediately, blinking a little even in the subdued light. "You know what today is, don't you, angel? It's Jayne's birthday and I've got him a very special present. I've got him you. Do you want my big beautiful man?"

Simon's eyes flicker briefly to Jayne. They are hungry. "Yes, sir. I want him."

"And do you want me too?"

"Yes, sir."

The doctor's voice is low but strong. The hesitant sometimes shy Simon is still there, Jayne knows, but he of all people understands the peace that comes with giving control up to someone you trust. Somehow, it takes you to another place where you are totally safe and nothing, save the one you love, can harm you. And sometimes, that can be the best of all.

Mal's thumb is stroking along the younger man's jaw in a light, possessive touch that makes Simon swallow heavily and his breath quicken.

"If we take one step beyond this, you will belong to us, Simon. You will be ours for us to do with as we please and we will not allow anyone else to touch you. Are you clear about that?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you want this?"

"Yes, sir."

Mal smiles. "Then no more 'sir', little angel, I hear that enough in a day. When we're like this, you call me Malcolm. Not Mal, not Captain, not sir.”

"Yes, Malcolm."

"Good boy."

Jayne's cock twitches at Mal calling the doctor what he calls him, and it's just as good hearing him say it to the younger man.

Mal has rough edges and will be the first to admit it, but he is being soft and gentle with Simon, despite leaving him with no doubt as to who is in charge. Even after all this time, it's doubtful that the younger man has ever seen this controlling but charming side to their Captain before and Jayne can well understand how disconcerting it can be. Charm is something Jayne has had very little time for in the life he has led, but he can appreciate it in others. And Mal can be charming when he wants to be. Other times, he can be forceful and dominating. Jayne appreciates that as well and from the look in his eyes, Jayne thinks that Simon does too.

It seems that Simon likes to let go once in a while and submit. And Jayne gets it. Totally. Because that's how it is for him.

Jayne has always believed that the stronger you are the sweeter it is. He thinks that even more now. He would not play these games with anyone else, but he would do anything at all for Mal.

Standing back up, Mal cards his fingers briefly through Simon's thick, dark hair.

"I'm a bad man, angel. I got Jayne all hot and bothered out there on the dance floor and I made him come. Why don't you go on over there and clean him up for me?"

Simon's eyes darken with lust as Mal's voice cracks and Jayne hardly thinks he can breathe when the younger man obeys, crawling over to him on hands and knees.

Stopping at Jayne's feet, he hesitates, looking up shyly. "May… may I touch you, chang zhu?"

Jayne's insides flip at the name Simon has just called him. Suddenly, he likes very much the thought of being Simon Tam's 'owner.'

"Yes, pretty one, you can touch me," he allows, dropping his hand to the younger man's head in an echo of Mal's previous caress, loving how Simon seems to bow beneath his touch.

"Thank you," Simon murmurs and this time when he looks up his eyes only go as far the outline of Jayne's cock and he flushes as his eyes measure its length. Kneeling up, he leans forward and presses his face into the damp cloth, breathing the scent there for a moment before returning to his task.

As nimble fingers are opening the button and pulling down the zip to his pants, Jayne feels Mal behind him and straightens as his lover pulls the jacket from his shoulders. Then Simon is parting his pants and pulling them apart to free his cock. Simon looks at it for a moment, spellbound, his breath a hot whisper of silk along the straining shaft.

Mal returns to watch and Simon blinks, remembering what he has to do. Moving in, Simon proceeds to lap at him, delicately licking up the come from his damp skin. Jayne's cock twitches every time Simon gets close, but the younger man avoids it, cleaning around it carefully, but never allowing himself to touch more than the base.

The feeling is incredible and all the hotter for standing there in his suit with just his cock on display. Mal's eyes meet his and his lover looks flushed and sexy and more than enjoying the show.

Finishing, Simon leans back on his heels and gently tucks him back into his pants. "Thank you," he says again, his eyes automatically falling to the floor.

Jayne's hand unerringly finds his hair again and tangles his fingers in it, pulling Simon's head back up to face him. "I always knew that pretty mouth would be good."

"Kiss it, Jayne. Taste him," Mal instructs huskily. "He's yours. Use him."

Jayne doesn't need to be told twice. Wrapping his hands around Simon's shoulders, Jayne pulls him to his feet, then tilting his chin upwards, Jayne leans down and takes his mouth. With a low groan, Simon opens for him, allowing anything and Jayne kisses him roughly, tasting every inch of him, loving the flavour of doctor and come.

He thrusts his tongue into Simon, plundering him ruthlessly, mapping his tongue and teeth and everywhere his own tongue can reach. When he withdraws, Simon follows, tentatively exploring Jayne's mouth in return. The younger man is not as skilled, but Jayne just finds him all the sweeter for that.

When he breaks the kiss, Jayne looks over at his lover. Mal looks flushed and beautiful as he watches them. "Tianna," he breathes, their eyes meeting. "That is so rutting hot."

Wrapping his arm around Simon and moving him to one side, Jayne pulls Mal in also and kisses him every bit as hard as he kissed the younger man. "Mal, you keep getting me such nice things. You're gonna spoil me, you know."

It seems that watching them kiss is having the same affect on Simon. Tucked against Jayne, he is looking up at them both, dark eyed with desire. His kiss reddened lips are open and his breathing is uneven. They are all so close that Jayne wonders if Mal will cross the small gap and kiss Simon too, but he doesn't. Instead, Mal just smiles. "Actually, I think it's about time someone did. Although it seems to me that you're being neglectful here. Your present's still wrapped."

"Ain't it just," Jayne chuckles. "Looks like I'll have to do something about that. Don't want you thinking I ain't grateful."

Mal pulls away but doesn't stop watching as Jayne kisses the younger man again. Simon's eyes never leave his face as Jayne undresses him, slowly sliding the white silk from shoulders and arms that are more muscular than they have the right to be. Not letting go of the silk as it slips down Simon's arms, Jayne slides himself at the same time down the perfect body that is being offered to him, until he is on his knees. Grinning wickedly, he licks the strong flat stomach, feeling the muscles quivering beneath his tongue.

"Gorram, boy, but you're pretty. Never seen skin so perfect."

Hesitantly, Simon places his hands on Jayne's shoulders. "Chang zhu, when may I speak?" he asks, as Jayne fingers the silk around his hips.

Simon's submissive hesitance is delicious but Jayne wants him a little bit more relaxed. "Simon, honey, you can speak any time you like. If we want you to be quiet, we'll tell you. You're here to enjoy yourself."

Then Mal is behind Simon and his hands go to rest on Simon's hips, covering Jayne's hands. "Don't be afraid of us, angel," Mal murmurs, into the doctor's ear. "We just want to make you feel good. You trust us to do that, baby?"

Simon leans his head back against Mal's shoulder. "Yes, Malcolm. I trust you both."

Murmuring his approval, Mal pushes Jayne's hands downward slightly. Jayne can take a hint. Mal's hands slip from his to stay on the slender hips as he pulls down the silken pants.

Neither man has missed that Simon is hard beneath the silk but both of them pause in admiration as his cock is revealed. Smaller than Mal's, but respectable nonetheless, it is like the rest of Simon, elegant and pale, flushed and perfect.

Once the pants have been disposed of, Jayne moves in and licks his way around Simon's balls, up his beautiful cock, savouring the sweet clear liquid that is leaking from the tip, and then upward to suck first one nipple then the other. His exploration is designed to tease rather than satisfy and he wants to leave the younger man desperate for more. He figures that Mal will want to string their toy out for as long as he can and he has no intention of spoiling his lover's fun.

Getting to his feet, Jayne tongues his way to Simon's neck, then upwards to his mouth. As he nears his goal, one of Mal's hands twines in Simon's hair once again and holds his head firmly in place for Jayne to kiss. Simon's mouth is parted, his breathing is ragged, and seeing him held in place is one of the hottest things Jayne has ever seen. With a groan, Jayne kisses every bit of Simon he can see, his cheeks, his eyelids, his forehead, down the line of his jaw, his neck. It is only there that he stops and begins sucking and biting on the long column of the younger man's neck. Then he hears a gasping moan and realises that Mal has leaned low and is mirroring him on the other side of Simon's neck. It is the first time that Mal has done anything to Simon and the sight of it goes straight to Jayne's cock.

Together they raise livid bruises on the pale flesh while their willing victim can do nothing but hold on tight, the sounds of their licking and sucking alone enough to make him cry out.

"There, boy," Jayne growls, pulling back to admire his handiwork, "you're wearing our marks."

"That means we own you now," Mal adds, brushing his lips against Simon's ear. "You belong to us."

"No one else is ever gonna fuck you."

"Excepting for Jayne and me."

"And we're gonna fuck you hard."

"So hard you won't be able to sit down for a week."

"Oh God," Simon moans, defenceless against the verbal onslaught. "Please. Please."

"Don't you worry, angel, Jayne's going to fuck you, good and hard," Mal promises, his eyes meeting Jayne's over Simon's shoulder. "I have me a powerful need to see him take you but I want him to suck me first."

Jayne feels himself tingle at his lover's words. Suddenly he wants Mal's cock in his mouth more than he wants to breathe.

Eager to touch his lover, he releases Simon as Mal moves back too.

"You go and sit on the bed and wait for me," Jayne tells him, smiling as Simon sways now the bodies holding him up have gone. "I don't want you touching yourself either. I want you to watch everything we do, but that's mine," he warns, stroking a possessive finger up Simon's cock. "Sit on your hands if you have to."

Simon immediately does as he is told, but Jayne is pleased to notice that he looks content as he turns away. This was not what Jayne was expecting when Mal announced they were spending the night in a hotel but already it is be better than he ever imagined. He wants this now. He wants it for Mal and for Simon too and is determined to make it as good as he can for both of them.

Turning, Mal holds out his arms in an unspoken command and Jayne peels the jacket from his shoulders and places it over a chair. He makes no move to undress his lover further but is pulled in for a deep searching kiss.

"I wanna suck you, Mal," he rasps, when his mouth is released.

"On your knees, then." Mal allows him to undo the buttons at his crotch and reach inside. "Do it hard, Jayne. I want it hard."

Mal's instructions sends shivers up and down his spine and before he has time to blink Jayne is on his knees offering himself to this beautiful, damaged man he loves so much; his lover, his Captain, his chang zhu.

Mal's cock is big. Not as big as his own but big enough and Jayne knows he can never get enough of the feel of it in his mouth. He licks his lips to wet them before taking Mal into his mouth. Normally, he would take more time over this, tease a little before sucking him, but this time Mal wants hard. No problem. Jayne can do hard.

With no finesse at all, he leans forward and swallows Mal whole, opening his throat until his beard is touching his lover's flesh. Holding there only until he hears Mal gasp, he begins to move in and out, fucking Mal with his mouth and his tongue and his throat as roughly as he can.

He is not surprised when Mal's fingers grab at his short hair although his lover makes no attempt to control his movements.

When his throat starts to get sore, he moves back a little, fucking him instead with his hand at the base and his mouth at the tip.

The hand in his hair tightens convulsively as he increases the pressure. "Tianna, you're good at that," Mal gasps, above him. "No one sucks like you do. You keep doing that and I'm not going to last long."

Grinning around his cock, Jayne squeezes a little harder, concentrating on suction to match. He knows how to make it last for a good long time but Mal said hard so that's what he's getting.

Groaning, Mal starts thrusting into his fist and Jayne spares a thought to the man watching them, almost wishing he could stand back and see how hot this looks.

Feeling Mal is getting closer, Jayne starts to use his teeth, lightly scraping with a precision gained long ago, knowing it will undo his lover and send him over the edge.

"Ta ma duh hwoon dahn," Mal curses, as Jayne feels the familiar throb beginning beneath his hand. The fingers in his hair tighten and Jayne's eyes go up to meet his lover's. "Keep it, Jayne," Mal hisses, breathlessly. "Share it with him."

And then Mal cries out as his cock releases into Jayne's mouth in pulses of white fire. Taking every drop Jayne sucks for a moment longer until Mal lets go of him and staggers backwards to sit heavily on the chair behind him.

Getting to his feet, Jayne feels his legs trembling a little but he's a big strong guy. He can take it. Although he think it might be true about Mal trying to kill him.

Sitting on the bed, Simon looks beautifully flustered and every shade of pink. His eyes open wide as Jayne stalks over to him and pulls him to his feet. Realising what he has, Simon opens his mouth to kiss and sucks greedily on Jayne's tongue as Mal's come floods into his mouth.

"Tastes good, don't it, little one," Jayne growls, against the younger man's compliant mouth when they break apart. "Think you might get a taste for him?"

"For both of you," Simon murmurs huskily, staring into the grey of Jayne's eyes before dropping his gaze to the floor. "Chang zhu."

Turning Simon around, Jayne pulls him back against his chest, wrapping an arm around the younger man's waist and resting his chin lightly on the dark head as his gun-callused hand plays over Simon's nipples.

Sprawled on his chair, Mal looks totally fucked. He has put his cock out of sight but left his pants unfastened and he looks a little mussed up and incredibly sexy in the black and silver.

"Do you want a taste of him, Mal?" he offers, hearing Simon's breath catch at being discussed so casually. "The boy knows how to kiss."

"He's your present, baby," Mal says softly, although his eyes are full of desire for the hard body offered to him. It is then that Jayne realises Mal has made no move on Simon other than to mark him and suddenly he understands. Mal will not do anything to Simon yet. With deeper insight, Jayne realises that Mal wants to but will not do anything to the younger man without Jayne's permission. Not because of Simon, but because of him.

Mal does not want to make him jealous. Mal does not want to hurt him and because of that he will hold back on his own needs and desires, content to give him the gift Jayne is holding in his arms.

Strangely, the realisation that Mal is not willing to do anything to hurt him surprises him more somehow than Mal actually loving him.

"Xiao tian shi." Jayne releases Simon and gently pushes him towards the man sprawled bonelessly on the chair. "Go kiss our beautiful Captain."

His eyes widening in surprise, Mal straightens as Simon climbs into his lap, wordlessly offering himself. Briefly, Mal's gaze goes to Jayne in askance and Jayne nods, allowing his lover anything and everything he wants. Jayne wants to see this now as much as Mal did and he knows why his lover got so hot at the thought of it.

Oddly, the dynamics of this… whatever it is, are working. Simon does not want to take Mal away from him, nor him from Mal. The plain fact that he simply wants to be their plaything is something that Jayne thinks he understands and is sure that Mal would have been certain of before he brought the younger man into their bed.

At his agreement, Mal puts a hand on Simon's hip, hitching him closer, his other hand going to the back of the younger man's neck, pulling him down and covering his mouth.

Getting his breath back, Jayne wonders if he has ever seen anything so pretty as the sight of his fully dressed lover straddled by a naked, flushed and very eager Simon Tam.

Their kiss is gentle. Jayne knows how softly Mal kisses when he has just come and for a moment he wishes it was him. It is only for a moment though. Hot and hard, his cock throbs watching them and he knows he is not ready for softness yet. He wants Mal and he wants Simon and gentle is the furthest thing from his mind.

His two lovers break apart and Mal is suddenly looking a little flushed himself. "I knew you'd be hot," Mal compliments, as they get their breath back, brows resting together.

Simon snorts softly. "No one's ever said that to me before."

"Well, they shoulda. You're so hot, my boy over there's just dying to get his cock inside you."

"Don't you want to?"

"Hell, I want you, darling, don't think that I don't, but you belong to Jayne and I really want to see him on you." Mal leans in even closer. "But Jayne belongs to me so by my reckoning, you do too. Really, we'll both be fucking you. You got any objection to that?"

The doctor seems to consider for a moment. "No, Malcolm. No, I don't think I have."

Mal smiles. It's one of the ones that could cut glass. It's bright and tight, sharp as a knife, and full of a need for something that leaves Jayne breathless.

"Then don't keep my man waiting."

With building confidence, Simon kisses Mal briefly and gets off his knee. Jayne holds out his hand and Simon returns to him, a beautiful parcel that keeps getting passed between them.

"How long's it been, little angel?" Jayne asks, pulling the naked man into his arms. "How long since a man's had you?"

Shrugging, Simon looks away. "A long time."

"You got hurt, didn't you?"

Simon nods, the hesitance back. Jayne tilts his head up. He is angry for Simon but this is not the time to show it. "Sweetheart, Mal and me will never hurt you, not unless you want us to. You got a word?"

Simon nods again but it's Mal who answers. "Serenity."

"All right, either of us hear that, we stop. Other than that word, the only thing that can make me stop is Mal here. He gave you to me, little one, but I belong to him. Don't ever forget that."

"I won't, chang zhu."

"You sure you want this?"

"More than you know."

Kissing him deeply, Jayne feels nothing but eagerness in the younger man's response. Satisfied, he pats him on the ass.

"Good boy. Now go lie on the bed."

Simon lies on his back and props himself up on one elbow to watch. Nodding approvingly, Jayne starts unbuttoning and undressing but only gets as far as his vest before Mal is on his feet, swiping his hands away, pulling his tie apart and opening the silky white shirt. Slipping the shirt from his shoulders, Mal heads straight for his nipples, licking and sucking with his mouth on one and pinching tightly with his fingers on the other. When the sucking turns into bites, Jayne groans as twin points of pain spike straight down to his cock.

He loves it and Mal knows it. His lover knows how to inflict pain, usually stopping at the moment of too much and not enough. Sometimes though, Mal gets him to the moment it becomes unbearable and takes him that tiny step further.

Jayne's hand goes to the back of Mal's head, holding him there tightly, needing him close and at the same time wanting to push him away. Mal knows how to make his body sing and Jayne never wants it to stop.

Nerve endings on fire, Jayne clings to Mal until the pressure lets up, the bites changing back to licking sucks and caresses over the abused nubs of flesh. He feels breathless and complete, the pain bringing him closer to his Captain, as it always does.

That is exactly the reaction Mal wants and Jayne hardly notices as Mal kneels and removes his boots and pants although awareness returns as Mal licks his way up his cock before returning to kiss him possessively.

"I love your cock," he admires huskily. "So big. So hard. Go put it in our boy."

Mal chuckles at the effect his instruction has over him and returns to his chair, leaving Jayne with his chest on fire and his cock aching for release.

Simon stiffens as his gaze drops to Jayne's groin, his dark blue eyes suddenly open impossibly wide.

Climbing onto the bed, Jayne pulls Simon into his arms, loving the younger man's pliant warmth against him. "Like what you see?" he asks, rubbing himself against his thigh. Then he answers for him, murmuring, "Course you do. But I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that's so big, it ain't gonna fit. Trust me, baby, it'll fit just fine. Once I've stretched you open you're gonna beg me to fuck you."

It seems that their doctor has lost the power of speech. Jayne snickers at the strangled squeak that comes out.

Laying him down on his stomach, Jayne tells Simon to open his legs. When he obeys, Jayne covers him, licking and sucking the back of his neck as his cock pushes between his legs, rubbing the sensitive skin there. Murmuring his approval at the reaction he gets, Jayne works his way down the muscular back until he reaches his goal. Holding Simon's beautiful ass open, he begins an assault with his tongue, ruthlessly pushing into the younger man until he is moaning and quivering beneath him.

He knows he isn't, but Jayne treats Simon as though he is a virgin. His every touch is calculated to stimulate, tease and to make Simon want more. He uses every ounce of skill he has ever learned to make it as good as he can for his boy.

He flicks a glance to Mal who is watching them intently, his eyes dark and unreadable, and Jayne cannot imagine by what strength of will Mal keeps his hands on the arms of the chair.

By the time he has moved on from his tongue to his fingers, Jayne is sure that Simon can't even remember his own name, let alone that Mal is watching them. But Jayne remembers. Every thrust his fingers make into the responsive body beneath him, every kiss he plants on the smooth warm skin, he does for Mal. It's not that Jayne isn't enjoying himself either, he loves what he is doing for Simon, but he loves what he is doing for Mal even more.

Beneath him, Simon's moans have turned into breathy pleas. "Oh, God. Please."

"Please is good, little one," Jayne laughs quietly, at the breathy whisper. "You'll like what please buys you."

Making sure his cock is slick, Jayne positions himself and slowly pushes himself into the tightness offered to him. He goes in carefully, swearing out loud at the heat that engulfs him and the effort it takes to go so slow when what he really wants to do is to slam home and take it all. But Simon has given himself to him and Jayne doesn't want to hurt him so he just grits his teeth and continues his slow, relentless slide until at last he is fully seated inside the hot channel.

Stopping, Jayne lets the younger man catch his breath and is surprised when Simon starts to move minutely beneath him, as much as Jayne's weight on him will allow.

Starting to move, he goes slowly at first, testing Simon's response. But he needn't have worried. As much as he can Simon begins to meet each thrust eagerly, almost squealing as Jayne begins to up the pace when each one becomes a blow.

Slowing, Jayne pulls Simon up on to his knees and then resumes. It is an effort to keep his hands off Simon's cock but he wants to see Mal on the end of it instead. With that in mind, Jayne harnesses his strength and pulls them both upright. Simon is straddling his thighs now but Jayne keeps moving, pounding into him. Using one hand to steady Simon, Jayne uses the other to pinch and pull at his nipples in time to the working he is giving his ass.

Turns out that Simon is a noisy lover but that doesn't come as much of a surprise to Jayne. In his experience, he has usually found it's the quiet ones who want it the most, the quiet ones who are the hottest for what he has to give.

His eyes meet Mal's in an unspoken invitation and his Captain nods and stalks towards them, undressing as he walks.

"Slowly," Mal instructs, dropping his clothes unnoticed onto the floor. Obeying, Jayne slows down, keeping the strokes deep and even as Mal cups Simon's face in his hands and kisses him, taking the younger man's moans into himself.

"Powerful, ain't he," Mal murmurs into Simon's mouth. "He can do this for hours. Think you're up to it, pretty? Well, all that power belongs to me. Don't ever forget that. And so do you now."

Simon's mouth is open, his eyes wide, his breath comes in quick gasps. "I belong to you," he promises. "Both of you."

Mal strokes his face. "I know you do, angel. You always have. It's just took you a little while longer to realise it."

Seeing his lover naked at last and pressed up against Simon is almost too much for Jayne. Reaching around the younger man, he cups Mal's head and pulls him in for a sloppy licking kiss.

"I always knew," he breathes when they pull apart. From the first moment he saw him, Jayne knew that some part of him would always belong to this man.

"Yes," Mal smiles his dark and dangerous smile, "you always did."

Returning to Simon, Mal kisses his way down his chest, pausing at the nipples but treating them more kindly than he did with Jayne's. Despite Simon's gasps, he does not linger, just keeps working his way south until his mouth meets the younger man's cock and without any preamble he swallows it whole.

It is almost too much for Simon too. He yells as the twin sensations begin to overwhelm him; the relentless mouth on his cock and Jayne's pounding blows to his ass. It's possible, Jayne thinks in the corner of his mind that's still functioning, that Simon was made to be fucked. He is so sweet and compliant and takes every one of his inches as though his ass was designed for them.

As Mal sucks him, Simon begins to contract around his cock and Jayne knows he won't last much longer. Besides, Mal looks so good sucking Simon that's almost enough in itself to finish him off.

"Mal," he groans, wanting his lover's permission. "I'm getting close."

Mal lifts his head for a moment. "Finish him."

That's all the permission Jayne needs. He deliberately increases the pace, loving the sounds that Simon's making now.

"That's it, baby," Jayne encourages, crooning his breath across his ear. "Come for Mal. Come in his mouth with my cock up your ass."

It is enough. It is more than enough and Simon shouts Jayne's name as he obeys, coming into the wet heat of Mal's mouth. On the edge already, Jayne can hold back no longer and he takes Simon's hips in a bruising grip, stilling him as he pulses deep within, feeling the throb of his release shudder through the younger man's body.

Mal has stopped suckling but the softening cock is still in his mouth and there is a moment of perfect stillness, each of them still joined, before reality intrudes. Then, pulling out, Jayne collapses onto the bed, taking Simon with him. Mal leans up and Jayne pulls him down too until the three of them are lying in a sated, breathless tangle of arms and legs.

Needing to reconnect with his lover, Jayne hitches Mal up and kisses him tenderly, loving the way they kiss after sex. Tucked against him, Simon is watching them, smiling and content. It's a lovely sight. Anytime, Simon is pretty, but when he smiles it's as though the sun has come out. His smiles are breathtaking.

They appear more these days, but still not enough.

Although maybe this arrangement might change that.

Lying with these two beautiful men, one his lover, the other his toy, Jayne gets it now. They have to make the most of every day they have. Theirs is a hard life and most of the time it's even a damn good one, but it could be over tomorrow so that makes today so much more precious.

Don't live for regrets.

He certainly has none about Mal inviting Simon into their bed.

It seems that Mal doesn't either. When the kiss ends, Mal reaches across Jayne's chest and places a soft, brief kiss on Simon's lips.

"Do you want to fuck me as well?" Simon asks, a little sleepily. He looks well-used, rumpled and completely adorable.

Mal chuckles softly. "I will, angel, don't you worry, but not today. Tonight was for Jayne. It's his birthday, after all." They both smile at this. "I wanted something special for him."

"I was special?"

"You were very special, sweetheart. Would you like to do this again?"

Moving even closer into the circle of Jayne's arm, Simon nods. "More than anything. You've both made me feel… new again, and I needed that. I really did. Thank you."

"You're very welcome," Mal replies.

Hitching him up a little, Jayne claims a kiss too. It is nice to have their doctor back again. Jayne likes sex-slave Simon, who hasn't spoken more than a few words all night, but he prefers the competent, surprisingly strong, slightly awkward young man he has turned back into.

"It was definitely my pleasure. So do you two wanna tell me how this came about?"

Leaning up on his elbow, Mal grins at both of them. "Don't tell me you didn't notice the looks Simon here's been sending us this past while."

"I noticed. Kinda been wondering why too."

"Because you're safe," Simon replies quietly, leaning up on his elbow in a mirror image of Mal. "I wanted you, both of you, but also because you're safe when nothing else here would be. You don't need me to love you," he explains, long fingers absently stroking Jayne's chest. "River comes first. She will always come first and I can't afford to put someone ahead of her. Kaylee… needs more than I can give her, but with you, I can be whatever we all need. I can give myself to you both but without me you have each other. You love each other. And I don't need to."

Jayne is impressed, but he knows he shouldn't be. Simon is the smartest person Jayne has ever met, apart from River, only he doesn't count her exactly on account of her still being a bit crazy. He's even smarter than Mal except Mal's devious and not a little crazy himself and that more than makes up for it.

"That's some reasoning there, Simon. When did you work all that out?"

"The moment I realised how much you meant to each other."

"And when was that?"

Simon goes quiet and looks flustered again. He looks down at his wandering fingers, unable to meet either of their faces. "When I was… watching you in the cargo bay. The way you looked at each other… I know you didn't say it but it was in your eyes, your hands, the way you touched…"

Jayne's eyes are suddenly on Mal. Simon's soft voice narrows his awareness and he finds himself staring at his lover, looking at the features that make Mal beautiful; his lashes, the blue of his eyes, the straight but oddly flared nose, his mouth.

All of those, tiny reasons that all form part of why Jayne loves him. All of those, things he has never been able to say.

I know you didn't say it. Simon's words have opened something up inside him. Something that hurts.

They never say it. They never have.

In his life, Jayne has never had a lot of time for words, not really. Actions have always done his talking for him. He has always found a well-aimed bullet or a blade to the throat to be a very effective means of communication.

Now he wonders if part of him isn't going mad because he wants words. He did not realise it until this moment but he wants to hear words from Mal so much that the lack of them is beginning a hole inside him. Even more so now that he has shared his body with someone else.

The need is so sudden it takes his breath away. It is a yearning that he cannot begin to understand. It just is.

Because nothing before has ever been this important.

Even though he is sure he knows how Mal feels, he needs to hear it from Mal's mouth. Just once.

Mal's eyes on his are suddenly intense and Jayne breaks contact, sure he is flushing like a nervous teenager. Mal has always been able to read him like a book and he wonders just how much he has given away.

There is a shifting beside him and Simon moves out of the circle of his arm to sit on the edge of the bed.


"Time for me to go, I think. I need to check on River." He smiles at both of them. "Besides, I think you two need some time together."

Not waiting for an answer, he disappears into the bathroom and comes back a few minutes later in his normal pants and sweater, carrying an overnight bad. He looks a long way from the angel in white, the submissive boy kneeling at their feet. Now he just looks nicely mussed with a bitten neck and the glow of someone who has been well fucked.

Mal does not argue, mention of River enough for him not to press. He gets to his feet and Jayne notices that Mal is still hard. He could not tell from the way Mal was lying, but his lover has not yet come and Jayne goes from sated to needing in less time than it takes him to say 'fuck me, captain.'

"Call the ship, Simon," Mal is telling the younger man. "I don't want you walking back there alone."

"I won't need to, Mal. Book's waiting for me. They have a reading room here and he's been dying to spend some time in it. He was happy to spend an hour or two in there."

"You never meant to stay?" Jayne asks him curiously. Coming to stand behind him, he pulls his lover back against his chest and rests his chin on Mal's pale, lightly freckled shoulder.

"No," Simon says softly, looking at them almost shyly. "What we did was wonderful and I hope we can do it again, but I'm never going to intrude."

Sighing, Mal pulls the smaller man close. Jayne his holding Mal and Mal is holding Simon and it feels so damn sweet. "So long as you want to, darling, we're gonna do this as often as you like, and if you stay, you won't be intruding."

Simon allows himself to be held for a minute before he pulls away. "Yes," he murmurs, looking at them both with a soft smile that speaks volumes on how much he understands. "Yes, I will."

Leaning forward, he kisses Mal, then Jayne softly on the cheek. "Enjoy the rest of your night. Thank you, both of you," he says softly, before shouldering his bag and heading for the door.

"Oh, and Happy birthday," his voice floats back as it closes behind him.

Jayne sighs into the silence that follows.

"When did he get to be so smart?"

Twisting around, Mal puts his arms around Jayne's neck pulling their heads together. "He sure got the drop on us and no mistake."

"Boy don't miss a trick," Jayne agrees.

Mal swallows heavily. Suddenly, he looks unusually vulnerable and so much younger than his thirty one years. "Who'd have thought he'd see so much."


"I saw it on your face,” Mal says abruptly, then his voice softens. “Before then… I didn't realise. It's always been so hard to say, but I never meant to hurt you by not doing."

"It doesn't matter now."

Mal lays gun-calloused fingers across his lips. "No," he says firmly, before replacing his hand with his mouth. "It matters more."

The touches on his lips are like small fleeting butterfly kisses as Mal whispers, "Wo ai nee, jen-hao baobei. Wo ai nee. Yong jiu."

The words translate in Jayne's mind and travel straight to his heart. Better than chocolate, better even than Simon. This is the best birthday present of all.

"Ah, Mal," he breathes, knowing what this has cost his lover to say, determined to make the price worthwhile. “Mal.”

"Jayne, do you love me?"

Mal's eyes are steady, although Jayne can feel his heart racing through their pressed bodies, and wonders how a man like Malcolm Reynolds can suddenly sound so hesitant.

Mal knows everything. Doesn't he?

"You need to ask?" he murmurs, cupping Mal's face, rubbing the soft skin there with his thumb. Then he realises. It's not enough. Maybe Mal does need to ask and just maybe he needs the words too. "Rutting hell, Mal, I love you. So gorram much. Every bit of me, for all time."

For a moment Mal looks stunned and Jayne briefly wonders what wound in his damaged soul could be so bad that he could not believe he is loved. But then Mal is kissing him and between their kisses Mal is smiling and his smile could light up the 'verse if he wanted it to although Jayne is happy for it to just light up his heart.

Deepening their kiss, Jayne pulls them even closer together, becoming aware that Mal is growing hard again and pressing into him insistently. Not to be outdone, his own cock rises to the occasion.

Grinning at each other, they break apart.

"Oh, how to ruin a beautiful moment," Mal murmurs wryly, resting their foreheads together.

Jayne gives a low chuckle. "Only if you don't plan to use it."

“Made you a promise, I recall, that I was going to fuck you so hard you ain't gonna be able to walk for a week.”

“Seem to remember that weren't the only thing you promised me.”

Mal's eyes darken with lust at his husky whisper. They are glittering with everything he has kept in and held back tonight. “You'd let me do that?”

They both know what he means.

“You want to?” Jayne counters. He's had a hand in his ass before but it was a long time ago and he never thought he'd have one there again. Until now. The desire on Mal's face is enough to make him think again.

Mal's voice cracks as he answers. “Yes, I want to.”

“Will you fuck me first?”

“Anything you want, baby.”

A long time later, Jayne has been fucked by Mal's cock and then his hand. As in everything he does, Mal was careful but relentless, his hand wringing the most intense orgasm out of him that he has ever had.

Now, Mal is in his arms, held as tightly as Jayne can manage, head on his chest, the silky brown hair soft against his skin. His lover's breath whispers softly across his sensitive nipples but he feels too exhausted to react to it. He is aching a little and stretched a lot but Jayne has never felt so good. Every inch of him feels used and he loves it. There is no part of him that does not feel claimed by this man.

Mal looks up and smiles and the smile reflects all the words he has just learned how to say.

"Did you like your birthday?"

"I loved my birthday, Mal, but not as much as I love you," Jayne murmurs, contently. "I just can't wait to see what you're gonna get me when I'm two."

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