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Fic: Made to Measure 3/4 - Engineered (Part Two)

Here's part two. Sorry it took so long.

Title: Made to Measure 3/4: Engineered (Part Two)
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Mal Reynolds/Jayne Cobb
Rating: NC-17
Contains: Kink, mild d/s and gay sex (well, duh!)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, I'm just making them happy.

Made to Measure 3: Engineered
by Snufflz

Part Two

What with birthdays and beds and presents and the thought of dancing with Mal again, Jayne knows his brain is definitely shutting down. He seems to spend most of the day in a daze and every time Jayne sees him his lover is wearing a smug, knowing smile. In the end, Jayne isn't sure which he wants to do most, hit it or kiss it, although he suspects it might be the latter.

Their landing on Serendipity is uneventful. Inara left before they broke atmo to see a client on the other side of the planet and Serenity is given no trouble from the port authorities.

Their current cargo of machine parts is collected almost as soon as they arrive and Jayne spends a few hours hauling crates, because no sooner has one cargo been unloaded when the next one arrives.

He grins to himself when he moves the crate Mal fucked him on and wonders if anyone will identify the dry soaked-in stain that is still visible on the side of it. Hauling it onto the loader, he catches Mal's eye and his Captain's smile becomes even more smug. Looks like Mal hasn't forgotten either.

The incoming cargo is much less bulky and doesn't take long to store. Mal and Zoe disappear for a while on business and Jayne is left guarding the ship. Although they don't expect trouble on 'Dip, Mal doesn't take chances. Alliance presence is light enough here as to be almost non-existent but trouble always seems to have a way of finding them.

He thinks it might be good to head for a bar for a couple of hours and maybe even find a fight or two. He hasn't been in a good brawl for some time now and he could do with burning off the surplus energy that living in space leaves him with. Reluctantly though he decides against it, imagining Mal's face if he turned up for their date wearing cuts and a black eye.

He chuckles a little at the thought but knows he would never seriously do that to his lover. This is Mal's night just as much as it is his and he doesn't want to spoil it for him. It still secretly thrills him that Mal wants to take such trouble over him, for him, and he intends to make the most of every moment they are alone together.

Book and Kaylee have gone on a supply trip together and when Mal and Zoe return, Jayne is told to look after Simon and River while they go to the local market.

It's not exactly how he planned to spend his time, but he likes the younger man's company and even River is easier on the brain these days. It's also a direct order from Mal. Besides, he suspects someone is trying to get him out of the way so he grouches because it's expected but gives in easily enough.

The market is not too busy and Jayne ends up walking with Simon while River flits about going from stall to stall in delight at what is offered on them. Surprisingly, the younger man seems comfortable in his presence and makes no mention of their stolen kiss.

Simon watches his sister constantly, but without the element of wariness that he used to have when dealing with her. She is more stable now and seems to have a much better grasp of reality. She occasionally touches things that she likes, but Simon no longer thinks she will break them.

"You done good work there, doc," Jayne acknowledges, as she dances like a bright little butterfly through the dusty market.

"But not good enough." Simon sighs. "If you could have seen her before…. She was so alive, so beautiful."

Hearing the note of sadness in the younger man's voice, Jayne stops him with a hand on his shoulder. "Take a good look at her, Simon. What do you see?"

"A broken child," Simon whispers.

Jayne shakes his head. "You're wrong. Look at her. Seems to me I've never seen a person looking so alive. Or so beautiful."

Simon looks up at him, his expression one of surprise, before turning back to River. They watch her for a moment as she notes that they have stopped and starts back to where they are standing.

She looks radiant and happy and more than content with the strange things that are probably going through her head.

"Maybe you've fixed her all you can," Jayne says quietly, as their bright little butterfly investigates garishly coloured scarves on a nearby stall. "Perhaps all she needs now is to live. Make good memories to put in place of the bad ones."

Jayne's hand is still on the doctor's shoulder and for the briefest of moments Simon lays his own over the top of it.

"Maybe you're right."

Smiling, Jayne gives the shoulder a little squeeze before they walk on. "That'd be a first. Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head."

"You're smarter than you look, aren't you," Simon reflects, tilting his head up.

Jayne's smile widens. "You only just figured that out?"

"Actually, I worked that out a long time ago. It's just that it still surprises me every time you prove it."

Giving a sharp laugh, Jayne shakes his head. "Trying to work out if there's a compliment in there somewhere."

"Let's assume there is," Simon smiles, having the grace to look a bit sheepish at the same time.

They go round the market once just to look, then at River's insistence they go round again to buy. Simon gets her a bright yellow scarf for her hair that she admired. Then she sees a silver grey one and insists on buying it herself. Simon gets himself some metal polish.

"For the infirmary," he says, at Jayne's curious glance. "Lots of… metal things."

They take their time and it is nearly six by the time they get back. No one seems to be worried about them though and Jayne suspects that Simon and River had specific instructions about what time to arrive back.

As soon as they are safely on board, River takes his hand and practically drags him to the galley, Simon following unable to hide his smile.

"Woah, little girl," he laughs, allowing himself to be pulled by her, amused by the size of her tiny hand wrapped around a couple of his fingers.

"Can't be late," she tells him, seriously. "Very important date."

"OK, but I'm too old to run there."

"No, you're not," she returns, cryptically. "Not old at all."

Simon starts chuckling at this and Jayne wonders what he's missed.

Then he sees why.

Draped across the galley is a banner proclaiming in uneven red letters that it's his birthday.

His first birthday.

Rutting hell.

Everyone is there except for Inara and he is greeted with a chorus of 'happy birthdays' and even more kisses than he got for breakfast.

And presents. There are presents too.

River gives him the silver scarf. "For your eyes," she tells him, with a knowing smile. It's possible she means to match his eyes, but Jayne thinks she means something else entirely. Not for the first time, he wonders what adult things go through that deceptively child-like head.

He thanks her with a kiss and she scampers away smiling.

He gets the metal polish from Simon and a small bottle of brandy from Book. Zoe and Wash give him a nice hunting knife, which really surprises him, and there is a bright red tee-shirt with a dragon on the front from Kaylee. He laughs when he opens the present Inara left for him.

"She said to tell you it'll make your room smell better," Mal grins, as he sniffs suspiciously at the incense.

Jayne thinks that this is not the time to mention what he thinks it'll make his room smell like.

"What about your present, Captain?" Kaylee asks, after he has opened everything. "We want to see what you've got him."

"He doesn't get that until tonight, and I ain't telling any of you what it is," Mal says loudly, over the top of the cat-calls that are suddenly filling the air. "However, I did get this," he turns to Jayne and holds out a small package, "just to keep you going."

The present is neatly wrapped and Jayne opens it carefully.

"Lao tyen foo," he breathes. The cat-calls have changed to gasps of amazement.

Chocolate. Real gorram chocolate.

Already he can think of several uses for it in which licking it from his lover's skin play a large part.

Pulling Mal towards him, he thanks him with a kiss until Kaylee hits him on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Never mind that," she tells them, sternly. "We have a job for Jayne."

He is directed to the centre of the table upon which sits a cake with a single, very lonely candle flickering on the top.

"That your idea?" he groans to Mal, letting go of him.

"Blame River. She kinda took it to heart that it was your first birthday, so you're now officially one."

"Ain't never gonna live this down," Jayne grumbles, but still he leans over the table and blows the candle out.

"Make a wish, make a wish," River chants, clapping her hands together.

"And nothing sentimental, or I'll puke," Wash adds, although his arms are around his wife and he's holding on to her pretty tightly.

Secretly Jayne wishes to live to be two but he keeps that one to himself.

Jayne grins. "Sink's over there," he gestures to the pilot, then he looks at Mal and their eyes lock. "Already got my wish. Ain't nothing better in the 'verse."

His lover's answering smile is warm and gentle and for once doesn't carry the hard edge that gets Mal through each day.

Ignoring Wash's groan, Kaylee leans up and kisses him and then Mal on the cheek. "Just you keep it that way," she tells them. "Now, who wants cake?"

Turns out it's real cake too. Jayne can't remember the last time he ate cake.

Of course, as soon as they've finished it off, Book's calling for him to make a speech. He makes a mental note to shoot the preacher one day.

"Do I have to?" he asks plaintively, and sighs when the answer is a loud 'yes.'

Standing straighter he suddenly feels awkward and clumsy. Mostly he is fine with words on an individual basis but speaking to groups always him nervous.

"Well… this has been the best first birthday a guy could have. Thank you. All of you. I couldn't ask for better friends."

He is not sure where the words come from but they seem to make sense. Everyone else seems to think so too because for some strange reason this starts off another round of kissing and he figures that maybe speeches aren't so bad after all.

With the cake gone they start to drift off until there is only Jayne and Mal left.

"So how much of this was your doing?" he asks.

"Some," Mal admits. "Kaylee and Simon were the ringleaders though."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me?"

"Man of your years," Mal grins. "It shouldn't."

"Thanks for reminding me. I'm 39 years old and that crazy girl's got me starting from one again."

"You gonna stop it?"

"Hell, Mal, you know as much as I do that the idea's stuck. They ain't gonna let me forget it so one way or another I gotta put up with it."

"Guess you do."

"Uh, Mal? Thanks. Can't even begin to imagine where you got that chocolate from."

"Had it a while. Been saving it for something special. Don't come much more special than this."

"Thanks doesn't seem enough."

"Telling me you intend to share it is."

"Are you kidding," Jayne growls, pulling Mal into his arms. His lover is hot and hard and melts against him as surely as the chocolate will on his skin. "I want to taste it in your mouth, then we're going to lick it off each other and after that, I'm gonna eat it out of you."

"Oh fuck," Mal breathes.

"That too."

Mal swallows heavily. "Jayne, I do not need to get all hot and bothered right now. We are going out, if you haven't forgotten. I want you all showered and pretty and ready to go by eight."

Jayne's hand finds its way under Mal's shirt and he scrapes blunt nails down the sinuous back. "That mean I can't bend you over the table here and fuck you into next week on it?"

"You think you're so good you can change the laws of physics now?" Mal almost squeaks, and oh, there's that voice crack again.

"Always prepared to help push back the boundaries of science," Jayne retorts, between placing biting, licking kisses along the length of his lover's jaw.

"You ain't helping here," Mal accuses breathlessly, nevertheless tilting his head back to allow Jayne better access to his neck. It is all the invitation Jayne needs. The more he has Mal the more he wants him. His Captain is an addiction without a cure and Jayne knows that he cannot go for a single day without him.

Moving his hand round to the front of his lover's body, Jayne finds a nipple and strokes and squeezes it to hardness. As Mal gasps, Jayne's other hand snakes down to cup and squeeze his ass.

"So I gotta let you go?" he rasps, kissing everywhere but on the soft mouth that has opened for him.

"Ahhh, yes."

"And you want me to?"


"Liar," Jayne tells him, affectionately.

"Yes," his lover whispers.

But somehow he does let Mal go, which is how Jayne ends up in the cargo bay, on time, once again showered, shaved, trimmed and wearing his expensively tailored suit. This time he isn't trying to sneak out unnoticed although he can't work out why he feels so nervous. He is all dressed up and pretty and ready for whatever his lover has planned.

It isn't Melissa though, he knows that. She is too private a thing for the rest of the crew to ever know about. Suddenly, nerves are replaced by a pang of anticipation. This time when he dances with Mal, holds him swaying on the dance floor in the finest hotel in the system, everyone will know that Malcolm Reynolds is his.

Of course, when Mal appears he has an entourage. That would be the day they could get away with anything without being the entertainment for the rest of the crew.

Striding across the cargo bay, Mal looks…. amazing. His suit is a dark shimmering grey and of a different cut than Jayne's but no less elegant. The jacket is longer in the style he prefers which emphasises his height and the width of his shoulders. His shirt is black silk and the vest and tie around his neck are silver. It is a damn stunning combination.

Feeling his breath catch, Jayne's head empties of anything sensible to say. The only thing he can think is that this beautiful man has dressed up so good just for him.

"Why, Captain Reynolds," he admires, huskily, "you look a mighty fine sight." The words seem to come from nowhere.

In reply, Mal executes a perfect gentlemanly bow. "You shine, Mr Cobb," his lover says simply, and holds out his hand. "Will you join me?"

It is an echo of an earlier meeting and Jayne remembers every moment.

"It will be my pleasure," he replies formally, giving Mal his hand. For a moment it feels as though they are alone and when Mal twines their fingers together, Jayne cannot help but use the contact to pull Mal towards him and cover his mouth with a kiss.

They do not touch anywhere other than their lips and joined hands but heat flares between them as bright and burning as the light from a star.

Behind them, someone clears their throat.

"Get a room, guys," Wash protests.

With a soft murmur, Mal breaks the kiss. "Got one," he replies, breathily. "Fully intend to use it too."

Not letting go of Jayne's hand, Mal turns back to his crew, ignoring the open grins on most of their faces.

"I got no objection to anyone going out but they don't go alone. Zoe, you lock up after we're gone, and I'd be obliged if you could look to that other matter we discussed."

Jayne has his eyes on Simon and notices that he looks a little flushed from watching them kiss. He is dressed casually and looks a little rumpled. Jayne had wondered if Simon was involved somehow in their night out but it appears the younger man is ready for bed.

He is not sure if what he feels is disappointment exactly. He has Mal and for him that will always be enough.

"It's taken care of, sir," Zoe acknowledges.

Mal nods his thanks and glances wryly at the others. "Is it possible that one time Jayne and me can go out without needing an escort off the ship? Nice as it is and all, we're all grown up now. Ain't afraid of the dark or anything."

Kaylee gives him a bright smile. "We just want to see you both looking so pretty."

"Well, you've seen us now," Jayne growls. "And you ain't coming with us."

"So don't wait up," Mal tells them, and pulls Jayne out through the open airlock door.

It's a relief to be finally off the ship. Jayne knows that they are still something of a novelty but he really hopes it will wear off soon. He is not a vain man and whilst part of him enjoyed being admired, he wishes sometimes they attracted less of a fuss from the rest of the crew.

The hotel is not too far from the space port and the traffic on the streets has thinned from earlier on in the day. The air around them is warm but not stifling and it's a pleasant walk. Mal has not let go of his hand and shows no sign of doing so. The touch is possessive and Jayne cannot even begin to process why it feels so good. He has been off the ship with Mal more times than he can count but never quite like this. Never as an obvious couple and never with Mal holding on to him with such a look of unrepentant pride on his face.

Jayne recalls something he said to Simon days ago now. There are plenty of things worse than being owned by Malcolm Reynolds.

But not many he can think of that would be better.

The hotel is air conditioned, of course, and as soon as they step inside the cool foyer Mal lets go of him, placing his hand in the small of Jayne's back instead as he guides him to the restaurant.

They dine on steak with all the trimmings and Jayne thinks he has never tasted anything so good, save for Mal. They eat slowly, savouring each bite. Food like this is rare in the life they lead and they both give it the attention it deserves. They talk too, comfortable together despite the upmarket surroundings. On his own Jayne would feel out of place amongst such finery but he is at ease in Mal's company and Mal seems unruffled by his surroundings.

As with the last time he was here, Jayne knows he is attracting some attention. Hell, they both are. Mal looks good enough to be on the menu and Jayne has spotted more than one admiring glance sent his Captain's way.

While they are eating, Mal makes no secret of the fact that they are together. Now they are off Serenity Mal can't seem to stop touching him and Jayne finds that he loves the constant 'accidental' meeting of their hands and the brushing of their knees together under the table.

Once their plates have been cleared, Jayne decides it's his turn to surprise his lover and he reaches across and takes Mal's hand in his, aware that he rarely makes the first move to touch Mal in public. It is something they have talked about before but Jayne has been with Mal a lot longer as a mercenary than he has as a lover and he still finds it difficult to assume Mal welcomes his touch outside of their bunks.

"You serious about that big bed?" he asks as Mal's fingers curl around his, not caring that the waiter is still within earshot.

"Ordered it two weeks ago over the Cortex. I was going to keep it as a surprise, but when your birthday came along, it seemed like a good time to tell you."

Jayne knows he isn't stupid but he knows he's no genius either. What he does have in abundance though, in certain areas, is a very good imagination. And right now his imagination can think of a whole lot of things that can be done on a big, strong bed.

"Let me buy it, Mal," he offers. "Don't seem right you paying out for all this and a bed as well. I can afford it."

"Can you now?" Mal arches his eyebrows, amused. "I must be paying you too much."

They argue over it good naturedly while they finish off their wine until Mal agrees to split the cost. Knowing him as he does, Jayne knows when to stop pressing. Besides, he likes the idea of buying their bed together.

The meal was substantial so they decide to pass on a sweet and head for the bar instead. After getting a beer, they settle down at a table near the dance floor. There are quite a few couples out there already and Jayne is reminded back to his night with Melissa and how good she felt in his arms.

"You like your birthday so far?" Mal's voice is soft and draws him back.

"Best damn birthday ever. Well, first birthday ever," Jayne adds at Mal's lop-sided smile.

"It ain't over yet."

Part of Jayne never wants it to be over. He loves his life on Serenity and most of the time he is comfortable about himself and is under no illusions about the kind of man he is. He has killed more men than he can count and there are some things he has done that he never wants Mal to know about but there is just something about this damn suit that makes him want to be a different man for a while.

The lights are low and Mal is looking at him. He looks dark and sexy and is wearing a private half-smile that tells Jayne exactly what he wants.

"Dance with me, Mal."

Mal's eyes seem to smoulder. "I thought you'd never ask."

Standing, Mal takes off his jacket, folding it neatly over his chair, and lets Jayne lead him onto the dance floor. As they stop and come together, Mal's arms automatically slip around his neck. For a moment Jayne wonders if they should have done it the other way around but Mal seems more than happy to let him lead. He suspects that he would look a little odd because he is taller but would not have minded so much if that had been what Mal wanted.

They lose themselves among the gently swaying couples and Jayne is aware that he stands a head above most of the people there but a part of him wants to be noticed. He wants the world to see that Mal is in his arms.

"Damn, this is nice," Mal murmurs, his head tilted up just a little to look into Jayne's eyes. "Wish we could do this more often."

Giving way to the temptation offered to him, Jayne kisses him as they move. "We did it more often, wouldn't be so special."

"Maybe you're right."

Jayne tightens his grip on Mal's hips. "I am right. Have I told you how rutting good you look tonight?"

"I believe you did."

"So I'm telling you again. Ain't never seen a man look so gorram beautiful."

Mal's mouth twitches at the corners. "What happened to handsome, manly and fuckable?"

"All of those too, but I like beautiful the best."

"Well, you look good enough to eat and I think a fair number of patrons in this establishment agree with me."

"Don't care about them. Just so long as you think so."

"Oh, I do, Mr Cobb," Mal assures him, huskily. "I definitely do."

"Glad to hear it. Now will you kindly shut up and let us enjoy this."

Stifling a laugh, Mal lays his head on Jayne's shoulder.

Hitching Mal even closer Jayne drops one hand to the small of his back and the other to rest on his ass. Mal isn't wearing his jacket but doesn't seem concerned that anyone there will see what Jayne is doing. Taking this as encouragement, Jayne starts kneading his lover's cheek, loving the feel of the muscle that moves beneath his hand as they move in time to the music.

Mal groans and Jayne feels his lover's cock take an interest in the proceedings and join in. Pressing hard against Jayne, Mal begins to move his hips more deliberately against Jayne's matching erection.

The movement is subtle but relentless and it sends a thrill of illicit pleasure up Jayne's body.

"Mal? What are you doing?"

"Thought that was obvious," his lover breathes. "I'm gonna make you come, right here in the middle of all these people."

"God, Mal, you can't…"

"I'm thinking that I can. Unless you want me to stop."

Jayne gasps as much at the subtle shift of power between them as the pressure on his cock. As always when Mal is doing something interesting to him, he is given the opportunity to stop it, although they both know he will not.

"Hwoon dahn," he whispers, eyes closing at the sensations being given him.

"Don't you dare close your eyes," Mal snaps, his voice soft but a command nonetheless. "Look at me. Look only at me."

Helpless to do anything but obey, Jayne knows he is lost. He will do anything for this man. Lie for him, steal for him, kill for him if he has to. Love him.

People move around them but Jayne's awareness ends with Mal, with his eyes, with the arms around his neck and the unrelenting pressure on his cock. Then, his voice no more than a silken whisper, Mal undoes him completely.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight that you won't be able to walk tomorrow. I'm gonna have you with my mouth and my fingers and my cock. I might even have you with my hand. Oh yeah, that'd be good. The whole of my hand buried in your ass. I bet you'd like that."

Mal's eyes are depthless and demanding, his voice hypnotic. Jayne wants to answer him, to tell Mal that he'd allow that from him, but he seems to have lost the power of speech.

The whole of his body is centred on his groin and the pressure being exerted there. He is sure that normally the touch alone would not be enough to make him come, but the combination of the public place and Mal's words are working some dark kind of magic on him.

"Mal…," he groans, feeling the familiar throb that heralds his release.

"Quietly," Mal warns, and then, "that's it, baby. Yes, come for me."

As he obeys, nothing in the world about to stop him, Mal pulls his head down and covers his mouth, taking Jayne's soft cry inside him.

Floating for a moment, Jayne feels incredible, hot and wet and throbbing.

Mal licks around his mouth as he pulls away, his own breathing ragged. "Tyen ah, you're so beautiful when you come." Then he grins wickedly. "Happy birthday, baobei."

Quickly looking around, Jayne cannot understand why everyone on the dance floor is not staring at them, but no one is paying them any particular attention. They just look like two people getting smoochy and it seems that he doesn't look like a guy who's just come in his pants to his lover telling him that he is going to fist him senseless.

"Malcolm Reynolds, you are going to be the death of me," he growls into his lover's ear. He smells of sex again and wonders if this is going to be how he will spend the majority of his life now he has Mal. He is also more than glad that he left his jacket on thankful that it will cover the wetness at his groin.

"That was just the warm up. The night ain't over yet."

Jayne thinks about Mal's hands and feels his heart go faster all over again. "You are trying to kill me."

Mal's expression is totally innocent. "It's possible I will. Well, by my reckoning it's about eleven. That's a whole hour of birthday left. Think it's time you had your present now."

"I thought this was my present."

"It's only part of it," Mal tells him, a sudden look of anticipation on his face. "The rest's upstairs. Come on."

Taking his hand, Mal leads him from the dance floor. Collecting Mal's jacket, Jayne holds it up for him to slip into. Then Mal's hand is back in his and as they leave the bar Jayne wonders if he looks as ravished as he feels.

This time their room is on the fifth floor and they kiss like teenagers in the lift. Mal is aroused against him but he says nothing until they are standing outside the door to the room.

"Your birthday present's a surprise. I want you to close your eyes and don't look until I tell you to. Dong ma?"

Despite having just come, Jayne feels his cock stirring again at Mal's tone. "Yes, sir."

Mal's eyes smoulder all over again. "Good boy."

Closing his eyes, Jayne feels his body relaxing. Mal is in control now. He is Mal's good boy and at that moment he doesn't want to be anything else.

He hears the door being opened and his hand is taken once again. He is slowly led inside and instructed to stop. Mal turns him with gentle hands.

He hears Mal moving followed by the softest of sounds that could almost be a whisper but still he does not look.


"You can open your eyes now."

Obeying, feeling his heart thudding in his chest, Jayne blinks, and sees....

Wu de mah!


Simon on his knees in the middle of the floor. Simon with his hands clasped behind his back, his head down and his eyes closed. He does not move so much as an inch at Jayne's indrawn gasp.

He is a vision in white. The shirt looks to be silk and is open to the waist over pants in the same material that hang low over his slender hips.

He is breathtakingly lovely and looks as calm and serene as a willing sacrifice. Jayne thinks that he now knows what fallen angels look like.

"You're right," Mal agrees softly, by his side. "He is an angel, Jayne. Our angel."

Jayne starts, unable to tear his eyes away from the dream in front of him. Did he say that out loud? He can't even remember.

"Rutting hell," he whispers. "Oh, Simon."

At his voice, Simon tilts his head minutely but otherwise does not move although the steady rise and fall of his chest seems to increase.

As Mal's hand on his shoulder steers him further into the room, Jayne gives scant attention to the quality of their surroundings. In other circumstances he would be impressed but his attention is held elsewhere. He has better things to admire.

Mal's hand has wandered south and is rubbing distracting circles over his ass. Mal's voice in his ear is seductive and low. "He's yours, baby. Do you like your present?"

In all his life, next to Mal, Jayne has never been given anything so fine. "Hell, yes, I like it."

"I wrapped him for you."

"Ain't never seen nothing so pretty."

"Do you want him?"

Simon stiffens slightly as though expecting to be rejected yet he does not move or open his eyes. Then Mal is suddenly in Jayne's arms, cupping his cheek. "Jayne, do you want him?" Mal says again, gentle and demanding.

There is only one answer. Jayne's grip around his lover tightens.

"Yes," he breathes. "Yes, Mal, I want him."

(Continued next post)

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